Pain and chronic depression

The Relationship Between Chronic Pain and Depression

Chronic Pain and Depressions: Definitions Chronic pain is pain that persists beyond the point where one would expect an injury to heal or an illness to pass. Generally, that means it’s lasted more than three months. Depression is a persistent feeling of sadness lasting more than two weeks. It can involve feelings of hopelessness and …

Knee pain after meniscus surgery

Knee Pain After Meniscus Surgery

What Is Meniscus Surgery? If you suffer from knee pain, someone have may recommended meniscus surgery to you. Naturally, the first step in deciding whether a meniscus operation is right for you is understanding what the meniscus is and what a meniscus operation entails. The meniscus is a C-shaped disk of cartilage. Each of your …

Stem cell therapy for knees

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees: The Case For and Against

Does Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Work? Here at the Pain Relief Institute, we’re not shy about proclaiming the benefits of stem cell therapy for a variety of ailments and conditions, and we don’t think we need to be. Our countless success stories give us confidence in the efficacy of our methods. But honesty is …

Back pain

Causes of Back Pain You Need to Know About

Back Pain: A Common Affliction Millions of Americans suffer from ongoing back pain, and many millions more live with frequent or reoccurring back pain. It’s the leading cause of disability in people younger than 45, and many things can cause it. When it comes to taking care of your back and protecting yourself against back pain, …

Laser therapy, thermal effects, induced photomechanical effects

Thermal effects and induced photomechanical effects

Photomechanical Effects and Laser Therapy Photomechanical effects are changes in the shape of a substance due to exposure to light. The most common mechanism for this is light-induced heating. The therapeutic effects of heat were known even in ancient times. Accordingly, modern researchers are interested in the therapeutic use of lasers. One modality for High …

Laser therapy

Evolution in high-power laser therapy

Laser Therapy: The Cutting Edge Hilterapia® is the latest product of evolution and progress in the high-power laser therapy field. Hilterapia® uses a source (Nd:YAG) with high-peak-power pulsed emission at 1064 nm, which is absorbed only slightly by the tissue chromophores and as such is able to spread deeply and treat not only surface pathologies …