Habits That Can Make Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Worse

Why Do You Have Osteoarthritis Knee Pain? Osteoarthritis is a progressive joint disease. Over time, the cartilage in a joint, very often (although not always) the knee, deteriorates, and that’s a problem because the cartilage cushions the bones that come together in the knee and allows it to bend as it should, easily and without …

Arthritis water exercise

Things YOU Can Do to Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis and Arthritis Pain Arthritis is the blanket term for over a hundred diseases. Doctors classify types of arthritis (for example, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis) partly based on the specific causes, but they’re all disorders that affect the joints. Arthritis can produce a number of symptoms including swollen joints, redness, joint inflammation, stiffness, and, notably, …

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What Happens When You Get a Pinched Nerve?

The Pain of a Pinched Nerve Pain is something we all experience in life. Pain is usually a sign that something is wrong inside our bodies and that there is an injury of some kind that needs to be addressed. Many symptoms of pain that are not caused by physical trauma like a cut or …


Common Repetitive Stress Injuries in the Workplace

Repetitive Stress Injuries on the Job There are a number of tasks associated with common jobs that may not seem dangerous–typing on the computer, answering the phone, scanning barcodes, working an assembly line, standing at a chalkboard, and other similar tasks that we do day in and day out at as part of our jobs. …

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Causes of Back Pain You Need to Know About

Back Pain: A Common Affliction Millions of Americans suffer from ongoing back pain, and many millions more live with frequent or reoccurring back pain. It’s the leading cause of disability in people younger than 45, and many things can cause it. When it comes to taking care of your back and protecting yourself against back pain, …


Why Cellular Energy Matters

Cellular Energy: What It Is and How to Boost It Here at the Pain Relief Institute, we get asked a lot of questions regarding general health and wellbeing. Many of the illnesses and issues plaguing people today stem from poor cellular health and a lack of cellular energy. Billions of years ago, certain cells experienced …


The Four Most Common Causes of Joint Pain

Basic Information About Joint Pain Our joints are the parts of our bodies that connect the bones together and allow for the range of movement that we have. They are crucial to your body’s functionality by allowing your bones to move freely. Some joints have limited movements like the fingers, jaw, and knees while others …

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Amniotic Stem Cell Fluid- Creation of OrthoFlo

Amniotic Stem Cell Fluid Treatment With all the new advancements in medicine, technology, and treatments, illnesses and diseases that once were seen as untreatable now can be treated and alleviated to some extent. Much of this breakthrough is thanks to applications involving human stem cells, and one of the newest breakthroughs  in stem cell therapy …

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Painful Inflammation – a Response to Toxins in the Body

What Everyone Should Know About Painful Inflammation Everyone wants to live a long, happy, healthy, pain-free life. However, for far too many people today, this is not the hand that they have been dealt. Millions of people rely on medications, therapies, surgery, and other invasive and risky treatments, all for the sake of trying to …

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Boost Cellular Energy for Optimal Health and Well Being

Why Focus on Cellular Health? When improving one’s health, most people think in terms of prescription medication and therapies. While conventional medicine has its practical applications, it tends to focus more on the symptoms of the condition rather than addressing the underlying problem. On the other hand, if we can address health at the cellular …