Chronic pain and anxiety

Chronic Pain and Anxiety

When Chronic Pain Affects Your Emotions There are many sources of chronic pain. You may, for example, suffer from chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, arthritis, lingering pain from an old injury, or fibromyalgia. Whatever the source of the chronic pain, it can end up having a deleterious affect on your emotions. The pain can …

Relieve acute back pain

How to Relieve Acute Back Pain

The Many Forms and Sources of Back Pain There are many forms of back pain and many causes for it. There’s lower back pain, upper back pain, sciatic nerve pan, the pain of lumbago, the pain of a bulging or herniated disc, and the pain resulting from simple strain. Small wonder, then, that around 80% …

Grandparents and grandchildren

How Grandparents Can Connect With Their Grandchildren

Being Grandparents May Be Trickier Than You Expected Being a grandparent was supposed to be the easy part. In theory, you did the real work when raising your children. Now they’re supposed to take on the care and toil that are part of effective parenting leaving Grandpa and Grandma free to enjoy the grandchildren. But …

Anti-inflammatory foods

The Top Ten Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation and Anti-Inflammatory Foods Inflammation occurs when the body’s white blood cells and substances they produce fight infection from bacteria, viruses, and germs. Thus temporary inflammation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But there are also illnesses like arthritis that produce chronic inflammation even when there are no invading organisms to fight, and unfortunately, chronic inflammation …