Type 2 diabetes and exercise

Safe Exercises For Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

Type 2 Diabetes: Exercise is Essential Exercise is important for everyone and is a critical part of staying healthy and strong.
But when you have Type 2 Diabetes, it is even more important to stay active! Many 
Type 2 Diabetes sufferers find it hard to know what to do for their workouts because exercise for
 diabetics …

Home remedies and stretches for neck and shoulder pain

Home Remedies and Stretches for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain with Natural Remedies Many of us suffer from shoulder and neck pain and know all to well how they can get in the way of performing simple tasks and such the joy out of everyday life. Happily home remedies, stretches, and healthy habits can provide considerable relief. Here are some …

Pronation of the foot

Pronation Problems

What Is Pronation? Pronation refers to the way your foot rolls to distribute the force of impact when you walk or run. Essentially, the foot rolls inward. When pronation is happening as it should, it’s a normal and useful part of the way the body moves. Unfortunately, it doesn’talways happen as it should, and then …

Knee strengthening exercises

Knee Strengthening Exercises

Why Knee Strengthening Exercises Are Important No one can guarantee you’ll never experience knee pain over the course of your life. An impact, possibly sustained during an auto accident or a sports mishap, can produce a knee injury. An illness like osteoarthritis can wear away the cartilage in your knee as you age. If either …

Knee clicking and knee pain

Knee Clicking: What It All Means

Knee Clicking Is Common If you knee keeps popping, it may be some comfort to know you’re not alone. All joints are somewhat prone to cracking and popping, and knee clicking happens the most frequently. Lots of people hear a knee cracking when they go through a full range of motion or squat. Most of …

Preventing sports injuries in kids and teens

Preventing Sports Injuries in Kids and Teens

Sports Injuries in Young People Are on the Rise Today’s young athletes are big, strong, and push themselves hard. Thanks to activities like sports camps, they’re also more likely to play the sports they love best year-round. All that means they’re more likely to suffer sports injuries like injuries in the labrum or UCL of …

Back stretches for back pain relief

Back Pain Stretches for Pain Relief

Back Pain Stretches There are any number of problems that cause back pain. These include slipped discs, arthritis, muscle strain, and arthritis. Whatever the cause, though, back pain can be excruciating and severely limit our ability to perform simple tasks that others take for granted. Small wonder, then, that many people assume such a painful, …

Shoulder exercises for seniors

Shoulder Exercises for Seniors

Shoulder Exercises to Maintain Strength, Health, and Independence Some of us expect to grow weaker and less healthy as we age, and it’s certainly true that so far science hasn’t found out how to completely stop or reverse the effects of advancing years on the body. Yet it’s easy to underestimate the positive effects exercise …


Breath Meditation Practice – A Great Way to Get the Benefits of Meditation

Why Practice Breath Meditation? Used for centuries as a way to relax, heal, reconnect, and focus, meditation has many health benefits, some which we are still just now beginning to understand or accept. One of the most important parts of meditation is breathing and focusing on this one thing alone can make no only your …

Exercise to strengthen knees

Best Exercises to Strengthen Your Knees

The Knee and Knee Pain: The Basics The knee is one of the largest joints of the body and it is also the most complex joints in your body. It is little wonder then that an estimated 20-25 percent of Americans have some sort of knee pain by the time they are middle-aged. “Pain is associated with …