PRI Specializes in Pain caused by or related to auto accidents

Regenerative Treatment

Regenerative Medicine for Treatment of Pain

At Pain Relief Institute, you can rest assured that you’re in the best possible hands with our highly experienced physicians. Our goal throughout your treatment is not only to relieve your symptoms – but also to heal your underlying injury and prevent a recurrence. We want to treat your condition as quickly and effectively as possible so you can get you back to your life.

To that end, we will attempt to avoid ongoing steroid injections and surgery whenever possible, and we’ll stay away from temporary Band-Aid fixes or prescription medication. Frequently, we’ll focus on treating your pain naturally with regenerative biologic options, such as amnio-derived fluid, bone marrow concentrate and PRP. These treatments can potentially allow us to naturally heal the underlying damage while relieving your symptoms – so that you can hopefully make as a full recovery as possible.

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Personal Injury or Auto Accident

Pain from an Auto Accident

If you have suffered a Personal Injury we at Pain Relief Institute are here to help! We know that personal injury cases can be difficult, especially when attempting to obtain medical care. If you have been injured at another parties’ expense we have physicians and staff that can help assist you through the arduous process.

To discuss your injury, address your questions, and set an appointment for consultation with one of our specialists please contact our office at (847) 243-6041.

Personal Injury or Auto Accidents

Auto Accident Pain Management
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