Successful Stories From Recent Patients


At the Pain Relief Institute, we take great pride in treating our patients with the utmost respect and best care possible. Don’t take our word for it, though. Listen to what our patients have to say!

Heleen - Knee & Hips

Kathy - Sciatica

Maureen - Shoulder

Karen - Joint Pain

Alfredo - Neck Pain

David - Plantar Fasciitis

Katie - Back


  • Vicky K — Grayslake, IL22 February - 2018

    Post Surgery Pain

    I had been having leg, shoulder, neck and back pain because of complications with Gastric Bypass surgery, which I had in August of 2005. I was put on bed rest for three months with little movement allowed because of the pain that was associated with my complications. Since coming to PRI I have more energy, minimal to no neck and back pain. I feel stronger than when I began and can walk more without being in pain.

  • Julie A. — Glenview, IL22 February - 2018


    I heard about your office through a newsletter. I was having chronic aches and pains in most of my body. For the past thirteen years I was having pain and it was getting worse. I have Fibromyalgia, arthritis and more. Since being treated here I feel like I can live my live again.

  • Greg T. — Wilmette, IL22 February - 2018

    Lower back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

    Since coming to the office, my life has been turned upside down. I have had a wonderful treatment experiences. The staff has gone beyond the call of duty to make me feel comfortable and get me to feeling better. Thank you!

  • Phyllis G. — Northbrook, IL22 February - 2018

    Knee Pain

    I saw the billboard on Willow Rd. and figured I'd call as nothing else has given me relief. My left knee is bone on bone and I'm tried of getting injections. Easily the best discovery I could have ever made. Thank You.

  • Halina V. — Mt. Prospect, IL22 February - 2018


    After many months of seeing other doctors and having many different tests, I finally found some relief at PRI. I love the whole business model of seeing several specialists/experts who concentrate on the source of the problem. They have a very helpful and knowledgeable staff. In my case, it will still take awhile to get to 100%, but I feel this is the place that will help me the most.

  • Ursula C.,RN — Chicago, IL28 March - 2018

    Lower Back & Neck Pain

    Decreased my lower back pain and significantly improved my neck pain and neck range of motion. Also gave me the opportunity to meet excellent professionals that work here. Thank you!