Top 5 Work From Home Exercises To Keep You Fit

Many situations could force you to work from home or be stuck at home. For example, the Covid 19 pandemic was the world’s biggest lesson on the possibility of things getting grounded. However, this does not mean that life should stop. Instead, it is essential to find ways to continue living healthily and enjoying life as though not much has changed. One of the things you could include in your daily routine is exercise. Make sure to have a few ways that you can comfortably do at home. Physical activity has numerous benefits, including boosting your brain’s capacity, so it should never be ignored. Below are the top 5 exercise routines you need to invest in.

1. Yoga

You have probably heard about yoga at some point. This is an excellent workout for when you feel tensed and stressed. The fact it focuses on improving slow but regular breathing and ensuring the entire body is in sync will go a long way in ensuring you feel energized and healthy. Yoga is one of the best home workouts to consider when feeling tensed and anxious. You could start with simple steps and advance to the complex possess as you become an expert. For the simple moves to try at home:

  1. Start with a child’s pose where your knees bend under the chest while your torso and head go down.
  2. You could also extend your legs and push onto the hands into a downward dog position. Your hips need to be in the air in such a way that your body creates an inverted V shape.
  3. Next, let one of your legs come forward and go in between your hands. Your foot should be flat on the ground, your knees should be slightly bent, and your hands settled on both sides of the foot.
  4. Proceed to raise your upper body and the arms, making sure to straighten the back leg and pivot the back foot at a 45-degree angle.
  5. Next, extend one art behind and the other arm in front of the body while stretching and breathing deeply.
  6. Repeat the process and switch sides.

The routine described above will give you a full-body workout and boost your physical and mental wellness at home. What’s more, you can make it fun by including the kids and teaching them a few of the posses.

2. Body Weight Workouts

The other practical and straightforward workouts to do from home would be bodyweights. They also yield similar results like those one gets when visiting and using expensive gym equipment. Some of the top bodyweight exercises to do at home include:

  1. Squats – Do a set of 2 or 3 squats and repeat as needed. You can find different variations if you want to increase the intensity
  2. Pushups- there are different variations of the pushup that everyone can try, from beginners to experts.
  3. Planks- Strengthen the abs by doing side, front, and back planks
  4. Lunges – Side, front and back lunges will help you work out your glutes.

The secret with these exercises is to ensure you repeat several sets at a time.

3. Weightlifting

I provide a few weights around the house. You could lift buckets, books, or any other heavy loads just to exercise your muscles. Make sure to do it progressively. If you can afford to buy professional weights, then do so. Incorporate weights into your workout routine.

4. Home Workout Programs

There are several TV workout programs you could consider following for excellent results. Visit different workout websites for easy-to-follow programs or watch free YouTube videos for such workout programs. Try as many as you can, depending on your fitness goals.

5. Outdoor Sports

Do you have a big compound where you can run, perform some athletics, or generally play an outdoor game? If so, this is your opportunity to involve other family members and get some physical activity. Play basketball, volleyball, or have a mini-track event where the kids compete with the adults or form teams to compete against each other. This is an excellent way to bond and still have everyone exercising as they should.