How to Make 2021 Your Best Year for Health and Fitness Solutions and Motivation for Every Body’s Need

No matter what condition your health is in, one thing is clear; you can get in shape regardless of the challenges presented in this day and age.  Maybe the quarantine kept you away from the gym. Perhaps struggles with income put a negative impact on your health or fitness budget. The good news is, 2021 is filled with new opportunities to get your health back on track.

There is no better time than now to gain your best health and get back in shape. That is why we are providing you with a wide range of solutions to meet your health goals in 2021.  Regardless of your income or situation, we are sure you will find some helpful tips here to make 2021 your best year for health and fitness.

Attitude is Everything
Tips to Prepare and Commit to Better Health in 2021

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This statement rings true when it comes to committing to a new way of life and better health in 2021.  Planning is key for preparing for your ultimate success in your best health and fitness.

We all know it can be challenging to stay motivated to stick to a new diet or exercise plan. Do yourself a favor and plan out systems that work best for you and offer you something to look forward to.

Committing to better health shouldn’t be drudgery. If it’s a constant downer, then you’re not going to stick to a fitness routine. We recommend finding activities you can look forward to so you can stay motivated to your fitness plan.  Here are a few tips for having fun while preparing and committing to your best health in 2021.

  • Success in Numbers. Do enjoy a little competition to keep you motivated?  Are you at your best when you have support from others? No matter what your status may be regarding quarantine or Covid, there are support groups online that can challenge you and offer support as you keep to your commitment to better health and fitness.
  • Have fun with your fitness. The more enjoyable you can make your workouts, the more apt you are to keep your long-term commitment to superior health. Many exciting online courses incorporate innovative exercises that are fun and effective for losing weight and getting fit. For example, dance routines and classes online can cost very little and some are even free. Moving to music is an energizing way to keep you interested in your fitness routine and helping you stay on track for the long-haul.
  • Simple Pleasures. Getting in shape doesn’t have to be expensive and can be enjoyable. Taking hikes in nature, walking your dog, playing outside with your kids are all ways to get good exercise and cardio while having fun (and not spending money!). Consider these alternatives if you don’t work well with super-structured exercise routines. Think about  fun and natural ways to introduce body movement and cardio in your every-day activities.
  • Remember to Rest. When you are planning for your best health and fitness, it’s important to allow yourself breaks and rewards. All workouts and no play can lead to burnout when sticking to your fitness routine.  Be sure to take time to pamper yourself, enjoy some relaxation and take breaks. Doing this will help stay committed to your fitness goals for the long-term.

A Little Goes a Long Way
Free, Simple and Effective Exercises for Your Best Health in 2021

A big lesson we are all learning in this new era is that the best things in life don’t have to cost a fortune or be complicated. This is also true with maintaining your health and fitness in 2021.  You don’t need a fancy gym, the best cross-trainers or high-dollar spandex to get fit. Some of the best exercise routines can turn out to be the simplest and won’t cost you a dime.

We already talked about taking advantage of simple pleasures for exercise like walking your dog or playing with your kids. But there are alternative body movements that don’t require a lot of time, zero money, and still provide grand benefits to your health.

For example, consider introducing mini exercises into your weekly routine. Injecting quick, small bursts of activity throughout the day has proven to be helpful in fitness and weight loss according to a recent study by the University of Ontario. These short bursts of physical movement can be especially effective if you find yourself sitting behind a computer all day long.

Mini exercise sessions as short as 4-20 seconds an hour  3-4 times a day are proven to render better results than remaining sedentary according to Martin Gibala, the professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Canada.  Here are a few ideas about implementing quick, simple, and effective exercises in your daily routine.

  • Small and Steady Wins the Game: When it comes to getting fit, you might be amazed at how the smallest steps can reap huge benefits in your weight loss and fitness efforts. For example, consider walking or jaunting up a flight of stairs several times during the day. Just 20-60 seconds of these action-packed movements can yield remarkable benefits for your cardio and energy levels. If you don’t have stairs, then try doing some jumping jacks or marching in place for a minute.
  • Get The Most From Your Phone Calls: If you find yourself on the phone, that’s the perfect time to incorporate exercise. You can have a productive work call or a wonderful conversation with a loved one while working out. Consider walking as you are talking on the phone, or doing some arm exercises with weights while chatting with friends. They will have no idea what you are doing while you are improving your health and fitness for 2021.
  • Multi-Tasking & Repurposing to Maximize Your Health: Exercising during phone calls is only one option. You can also introduce physical activity while you are cooking, watching TV, or conducting any daily task.  Think about moving your body more as you go through your day. For instance, consider leg-lifts as you are preparing meals for yourself or your family.  Put some upbeat music on, and start kicking your heels while cutting carrots!  You might also want to think about using items around the house for weight lifting and strengthening. You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment when you have canned goods or gallon jugs around.  Lifting two gallons of bottled water in each hand equates to lifting about sixteen pounds (eight pounds each arm). That’s a great arm workout that doesn’t demand much. Over time, this simple (and free) action can reap noticeable differences in your overall strength and health.

Staying fit in the ‘New Normal’
Attaining Your Health Goals for 2021

Understandably, the conditions we are all under isn’t always easy when it comes to  maintaining optimal health. However, that doesn’t mean you are defeated.  Regaining and maintaining your health for 2021 requires creative solutions.  That’s why we’ve given you these solid suggestions that have been proven to improve your health now and in years to come.

Keep in mind as you get moving in this new year that your health is your greatest asset.  Seeking unconventional ways to achieve and sustain fabulous fitness is the key to managing your fitness goals now and in the future.

When it comes to staying fit in this ‘new normal’ of life, you have options that can accommodate your needs and lifestyle.  Even though times may have changed, that shouldn’t impede your progress or present challenges to attain a high standard of health.  Once you commit to introducing innovative ideas to your daily fitness practices, you will see results.