Laser therapy, thermal effects, induced photomechanical effects

Thermal effects and induced photomechanical effects

Photomechanical Effects and Laser Therapy Photomechanical effects are changes in the shape of a substance due to exposure to light. The most common mechanism for this is light-induced heating. The therapeutic effects of heat were known even in ancient times. Accordingly, modern researchers are interested in the therapeutic use of lasers. One modality for High …

Laser therapy

Evolution in high-power laser therapy

Laser Therapy: The Cutting Edge Hilterapia® is the latest product of evolution and progress in the high-power laser therapy field. Hilterapia® uses a source (Nd:YAG) with high-peak-power pulsed emission at 1064 nm, which is absorbed only slightly by the tissue chromophores and as such is able to spread deeply and treat not only surface pathologies …