Evolution in high-power laser therapy

Laser Therapy: The Cutting Edge

Hilterapia® is the latest product of evolution and progress in the high-power laser therapy field.

Hilterapia® uses a source (Nd:YAG) with high-peak-power pulsed emission at 1064 nm, which is absorbed only slightly by the tissue chromophores and as such is able to spread deeply and treat not only surface pathologies but also the deeper ones that cannot be reached by traditional therapies in an efficient and safe way.

It is known that λ=1064 nm falls inside the so-called “therapeutic window,” a wavelength interval that allows radiation to spread inside the tissues. The number of photons that reach the deepest tissues is increased by the high power of the impulses  used in laser therapy applications.

What Makes Hilterapia® Laser Therapy Different?

Hilterapia® is, in fact, different from other therapies because of the special characteristics of its impulses: high peak power (1-3 KW), high energy content (150 – 350 mJ), short lasting (120-150 µ s), low frequency, with long intervals (in the order of ms) between one impulse and the other.

Low frequency yet high-power laser therapy allows tissues to disperse the impulse heat in the middle of the interval, between one impulse and the next one. Hilterapia® can therefore transfer quantities of energy that are enough to cause specific biological and therapeutic effects in depth, without any risk of inducing an excessive warming of surface tissues.