Osteoarthritis and food

Osteoarthritis and Food

Why Do We Experience Osteoarthritis Pain? There’s an even chance that every one of us during his or her life will develop osteoarthritis. The resulting osteoarthritis pain can have a severe impact on a person’s life, and that’s why medical science has worked so hard to understand the condition. Osteoarthritis brings pain and decreased mobility …

PalinGen and amniotic injections

How Amniotic Injections Work

What Are Amniotic Injections? PalinGen is the innovative new intervention for arthritis and related complaints based on amniotic injections. To appreciate how truly innovative PalinGen is, a person must first understand what amniotic tissue and fluid and amniotic injections are and how amniotic injections, including knee injections and other joint injections, work. The amniotic membrane …

PlainGen, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and joint pain

PalinGen and PalinGenFlo

What Are PalinGen and PalinGenFlo? PalinGen and PalinGenFlo are innovative new ways of helping patients with degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and various orthopedic joint problems. They generally work via amniotic injections, including knee injections and joint injections. They can be administered either in a doctor’s office or a hospital surgical center. In fact, amniotic interventions …