5 Tips On How To Choose A Pain Management Doctor In Chicago

As a person living with chronic pain, the decision to seek treatment from a pain medicine doctor is entirely your own. Patients should always be advocates for their own care. The key to finding the right health care provider is ensuring that they are managing pain properly and also protecting your health.

When choosing a pain management doctor in Chicago, keep these five tips in mind.

How To Choose A Pain Management Doctor In Chicago

Seek Referrals

Your primary care doctor should be the first person you speak to in your search for a pain management doctor in Chicago. They can give you a referral list of the physicians they trust and respect. However, you can also go to other sources like family members or friends to help widen your search.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic pain, so the chances that you already know someone seeking treatment for pain is high.

Do Some Research

Once you have compiled a list of physicians that sound like a good fit for your needs, you need to carefully research each of them. One of the most important aspects is learning whether or not they are board certified. Board certification means the doctor has completed the necessary fellowship program for pain management. It is an indication of whether they have the skills needed to take charge of your care.

Another avenue for your research is looking into malpractice claims or whether there are any disciplinary actions filed against the doctor. State websites and sources like Healthgrades will have this type of information. You will also be able to find details like where they went to school, where they trained, and any other special certifications they may have.

Finally, you should do more general research on places like Google or Yelp. This will give you a better understanding of what the physician’s patients are saying about them. Things to consider include mentions of bedside manners, wait times in the office, or the professionalism of the staff.

Consider Your Comfort Level

As with any type of health care provider, you will be discussing deeply personal issues with them. Being comfortable enough to be completely candid is extremely important when it comes to choosing a pain management doctor in Chicago. For many people, seeking a doctor with a specific gender is important. For instance, a person that has experienced a trauma may not be as comfortable with a member of a different gender as they would be with someone who matches their own.

Keep Communication in Mind

After narrowing down your list via referrals, research, and other considerations, you are ready to make one or more consultation appointments. Speaking with a potential doctor face to face can help you determine whether your communication styles are a good fit. Do you feel your questions are answered in terms that you understand? If you are more comfortable speaking in a native tongue, are they able to communicate with you in that way? Do they show interest in your preferences for treatment?

You may also want to evaluate whether the physician’s office is equipped to handle telehealth appointments. For many people with chronic pain, physically leaving home may be difficult or even impossible. Having a doctor that is accessible through the internet may be a deciding factor in your decision when choosing a pain management doctor in Chicago.

Insurance Coverage Pain Management Doctor In Chicago

Check Insurance Coverage

Another key factor in finding the right health care provider is insurance coverage. In most health care plans, a pain management doctor will be considered a specialist and certain limitations may apply. You need to make sure that your preferred provider will be in-network and that the services they offer are allowed with your plan.

The front office staff or insurance coordinator should be able to help you explore your benefits to make sure that your treatments would be covered in an affordable manner. You can also discuss payment plans for any copays or deductibles you may have so that you treatment will be affordable.

Finding the Right Doctor For You

After considering these five tips, hopefully, you will be able to find a pain management doctor in Chicago that meets your needs and offers an effective treatment plan. In many cases, the decision to seek out this type of treatment is after a long road of other therapies, surgeries, and various medications.

Spending additional time ensuring that you find a provider who matches your needs well will be extremely beneficial in the long run, and it should help you become a healthier person with an increased quality of life.