Top 7 Best Exercise Equipment For Weak Knees

It is often assumed that only older adults suffer from bad or weak knees, but that is not the case. People of all ages, including those relatively young, can have knees that are painful or experience a loss of mobility. This issue can lead to physical effects or psychological damage that impacts daily life.

Those that tend to do high-impact sports, avid runners, and those that perform professionally at high levels are all in danger of developing knee problems. Once it occurs, exercising can be quite painful, and some may even find it depressing. However, weak knees do not mean the end of physicality. Certain exercises and exercise equipment are designed to work well with someone suffering in this manner.

If you are a person with bad or weak knees, these seven pieces of exercise equipment may be exactly what you need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine can be a fantastic option for those needing to condition the body while also developing strength. When using this type of equipment, you will strap your feet into the pedals and sit on the sliding seat. Using your hands, you pull the bar towards your stomach while simultaneously pushing with the legs to slide the seat backward.

The machine mimics the motion of rowing a boat, hence the name. The use of this equipment helps strengthen the muscle groups in the arms, legs, and back. However, it does not put pressure on the knees.

It is a low-impact workout and the resistance level can be adjusted.

Elliptical Machine

Another piece of exercise equipment for weak knees that should be considered is the elliptical. This type of equipment allows you to get a full-body cardio workout without putting stress on the knees. Plus, it can actually help strengthen the knee joints!

An elliptical combines motions from various other types of activity like walking, running, and even biking. The synchronized movement of the arms and legs protects the knees, and the resistance can be adjusted to help you burn additional calories without adding any stress to the joints.

Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Many people with knee pain enjoy working out using a stationary recumbent exercise bike. It offers a low-impact cardio workout while providing back support and alleviating stress on the knee joints.

When you are using a recumbent bike, you pedal in the same fashion as a regular bicycle. However, the legs are outstretched in front of you. The seat is wider than a traditional bicycle seat and has a back for extra support.

Stationary recumbent exercise bikes are often used for weak knees as a way to build back leg muscles and mobility while relieving knee pain. The resistance is adjustable, so workouts can be customized as strength grows.

Upright Stationary Bike

If you prefer a seated position similar to a traditional road bike, then the upright stationary bike can also work for those with knee pain. Keep in mind that you may want to start with the recumbent bike to work up strength before switching to the upright version.

The upright position does focus more on building core strength, and it is often easier to use since it is the traditional biking position you probably are already familiar with. The resistance is also adjustable on a stationary bike, so workouts can be customized as needed.

Resistance Training Machines

A resistance training machine can be a good option for those who want to work out the lower body without the risk of damage to the knees. You can use the device to work the quadriceps by doing leg extensions, and you can also do curls for the hamstrings.

To prevent any stress on healing knees, the resistance should be set at a lightweight to begin with and then can be gradually added as strength increases.


One of the most commonly found pieces of exercise equipment in the home, a treadmill can be a solid option for those with weak knees. Treadmills can be used for walking, running, and jogging programs. Plus, the speed and incline can be adjusted to increase intensity.

For those with knee pain, running may not be the best option initially. However, treadmills do offer shock absorption under the running belt, which helps protect the knee joints. In addition, the handlebars allow you to work out safely.

Leg Press Machine

For those with weak knees, the leg press machine can be a particular favorite as it mimics everyday knee movements. It is an excellent option for beginners as it is easy to use and the resistance is adjustable. Plus, it can grow with your needs.

The natural standing and sitting knee movements strengthen muscles slowly without putting additional pressure on the joints. It can help people with injuries recover quicker and specific muscles can be isolated.

Having weak knees doesn’t mean you have to stop working out. Simply put, you will just have to adjust your exercise style and equipment to meet your own individual knees. Utilizing the machines listed above, when used properly, can help you achieve your exercise goals even with weak knees.