Safe Exercises in 2022 For Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

Type 2 Diabetes: Exercise is Essential

Exercise is important for everyone and is a critical part of staying healthy and strong.
But when you have Type 2 Diabetes, it is even more important to stay active! Many 
Type 2 Diabetes sufferers find it hard to know what to do for their workouts because exercise for
 diabetics is more involved than it is for most healthy people. Here at the Pain Relief Institute, we have
 helped many of our Type 2 Diabetes patients get control back and many have beaten their 
disease. It all starts with a healthier lifestyle, so we wanted to offer these hands tips for
 better exercise routines for those who are diabetics.

Type 2 Diabetes Exercise Tips

1. Make workouts fun- there is no faster way to kill a workout that to load up with
 activities you hate. Find ways to work things you enjoy into your daily exercise
plans- yoga, cycling, walking, jogging, sports, and swimming are great options.

2. Check with your doctor- for those with very high uncontrolled blood sugar, exercise
 must be carefully tailored. In some people, a workout can cause a temporary spike in 
blood sugar before it comes down to a healthier level, and if you already have
 readings of 300+ this could be dangerous. So, check with your doctor!

3. Monitor your blood sugar- it is usually recommended that you check your sugar
 levels before starting a workout and once you are done. If you do long sessions or 
intense workouts it is often best to check midway through your session as well.

4. Carry carbs- keep something with some fast-acting sugar in it with you during a
workout in case you suddenly drop too low and start to feel lightheaded or faint.
Juice, crackers, glucose tabs, and soda are options for a quick emergency sugar boost.

5. Start slow and build slow- while it may be recommended to get 30-60 minutes of
activity a day, you should start slow and build gradually so you do not hurt yourself
and so you can see how your body and blood sugar reacts to the exercise. This is one
of the most important things to remember when talking about exercise for Type 2 Diabetes sufferers.

6. Strength train – this type of exercise includes weight lifting, bodyweight workouts,
and stretch bands and similar exercises. Of the most common tips for better exercise 
when you have Type 2 Diabetes, this is often the most overlooked—yet it can have 
amazing results for many people.

7. Make it a habit- the best way to reap the full benefits of exercise is to make it and 
everything else involved in your diabetes management a habit. Medications, diet, and
 exercise are all things that need to be a habitual part of your healthy lifestyle.

8. Take care of your feet- this is more important for a diabetic than for anyone else as
you are more prone to problems with your feet. Check them often for sores or injuries
 and if our feet hurt or are injured, do not work out. If sores are not healing, get seen by
your doctor right away!

9. Hydrate religiously- Everyone needs water but staying hydrated for a diabetic is 
critical because it helps flush extra sugar from the body. If you get dehydrated, your
 blood thickens and has a concentrated amount of sugar in it which will drive your 
levels up dangerously high. Drink water before, during, and after exercise.

10. Stop if it is painful- aches and sore muscles are normal but anything beyond that is
cause for concern, especially for someone with preexisting health concerns. Exercise 
for diabetics is all well and good but you have to make sure you go about it the right
 way and do not hurt yourself and cause more harm than good.