Back Pain

Back pain is the leading complaint doctors hear from patients over the age of 50

Conservative Pain Management Relief for Back Pain is at Hand

The Pain Relief Institute is proud to offer physical therapy, supportive bracing, and laser therapy for back pain. Read on to learn the whys and hows of back pain and how conservative pain management can provide relief. Back pain is the leading complaint doctors hear from patients over the age of 50, and it is the number one reason why people miss work. While back pain may be caused by a host of issues, injuries and disease are the two dominating causes. Whatever the cause of the backache, though, back pain can limit mobility, take away a person’s ability to perform routine tasks, and impair quality of life. Fortunately, though, today it’s possible to address the problem with conservative pain management.

Back Pain, Conservative Pain Management, and Physical Therapy

Physical therapy treats injuries, disease, and deformities via physical modalities like exercise, massage, and heat treatments. By so doing, it avoid all the potential negative consequences of surgery and drugs.

Physical therapy targets specific areas of weakness in the body, alleviates stress, and reduces pain. It improves mobility, mental health, and ideally brings a patient back to his or her previous level of functioning. It’s helped individuals suffering from conditions as various as stroke, diabetes and vascular conditions, sports injuries, impaired balance, age-related problems, women’s health issues, and heart and lung disease. It’s covered by many insurance policies and, when performed by a capable professional, is rarely painful.

At the Pain Relief Institute, we offer a comprehensive set of physical therapy services.

Back Pain, Conservative Pain Management, and Supportive Bracing

Sometimes physical therapy alone isn’t enough. A patient may also require supportive bracing to obtain pain relief from pain. Bracing provides additional support for a damaged or weakened part of the body like the neck. It can restore natural movement, provide stability, and prevent further injury. Patients can return to normal activities without the fear that they’re hurting themselves further.

You should, however, only wear a brace if your health care professionals determine you need one, and then you should only wear one that’s right for your individual needs. Back braces in particular come in three varieties: light compressive support for comfort and to prevent spasms, moderate compressive support to immobilize the back to a degree and so keep it from moving in a way that’s painful, and maximum compressive support to immobilize the back completely in the event of a fracture or some other severe or acute injury. At the Pain Relief Institute, we can help you make those determinations.

Back Pain and Laser Therapy

Here at the Pain Relief Institute, we also offer several types of minimally invasive laser therapy options that are designed to treat a wide range of spinal conditions that cause chronic back pain, discomfort, and that take away from our patient’s quality of life.

How do Laser Treatments for Back Pain Work?

Our laser therapy treatments for back pain are performed as an outpatient procedure that allows you to get back to your normal outline and activities quickly. Because of our minimally invasive approach to spine treatment, there is little chance for infection, side effects, or problems down the road. MLS laser therapy is our leading laser treatment choice here at the Pain Relief Institute, and it has yielded good results for many of our back pain patients.

Whether physical therapy, supportive bracing, and/or laser treatments turns out to be the conservative pain management therapy of choice for your back pain, we urge you contact the Pain Relief Institute for a consultation today. We can help you.