Vertigo, Dizziness, and Balance Treated

Vertigo, Dizziness, and Balance Treated With Vestibular Rehabilitation

Did you know, every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated in an ER for a fall related injury? And 1/3 of them result in a fracture. This makes up a large percentage of the cases seen in Chicago ER and doctors’ offices that involve some sort of balance or fall problems. Did you also know, there are safe and effective treatments for vertigo, dizziness, and balance that are covered by Medicare and most Insurances? Many of our patients have found that when it comes to Chicago-based treatments for these conditions, our services here at the Pain Relief Institute are unmatched!

Take the Balance Self-Test

Complete the following self-test here: VISIT SELF TEST and see how you score. If you have 1 of the above risk factors, there is a 27% chance that you will fall within the next year. If you have 4 or more risk factors, your chances increase to 78%. According to the University Of Wisconsin Division Of Otolaryngology, approximately 42% of all adults experience dizziness severe enough to report to their doctor. Many of these are older adults, who also suffer from a fear of falling that keeps them from enjoying basic daily activities that most of us take for granted. The symptoms often come on gradually, over an extended period of time, and go unrecognized until they can no longer be overlooked. It could be lightheadedness, feeling faint, or just “wooziness”.

70% of such patients are given prescription medications to treat the symptoms, but these will not solve the problem or improve balance. Just treating the symptoms leaves the door open for problems to spiral out of control. This is what far too many of our patients found out first hand with their initial treatments; Balance and vertigo treatments in Chicago and the surrounding areas have been very limited for many years now. Fortunately, advances in equipment, diagnosis, and treatment, now offer patients more options for relief than just to “take a pill.” Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally but physically feeling held back from life because of vertigo, dizziness, or the fear of falling!

The Pain Relief Institute’s Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialists have developed a 3-step approach yielding an 85% success rate for our Chicago patients.

Step 1: Proper Diagnosis of the Condition & the Cause

Proper diagnosis comes with taking the time to really listen to the patient’s description of his or her symptoms. This is followed by a thorough neurologic exam as well as an oculography exam with Frenzel Goggles.

Step 2: Assessment & Treatment

It used to be that patients suffering from vertigo, dizziness or balance were given medication and told they had to live with it, and that it might go away on its own. Today, with the advanced treatments offered by PRI staff, patients are successfully cleared of common BPPV (vertigo) in as few as 2 treatments.

Whatever a particular case requires, the Pain Relief Institute is fully prepared to address it with these and other therapies.

Step 3: Long Term Management: The 3-Phase Approach:

  • Eliminate & Reduce the Symptoms
  • Restore Normal Function
  • Strengthen your Vestibular System & Prevent Recurrence

The 3-Phase Approach to recovery is our way of helping patients take charge of their health, gain confidence, understand their condition, and avoid common patient mistakes. Here at the Pain Relief Institute, we have helped countless people get back to enjoying life on their terms and we look forward to helping you achieve this as well.

Get Help with Balance Problems

For the best vertigo care in Chicago and the surrounding area, give us a call today! We would welcome the opportunity to help you find the relief you want and need.

“Research at Boston University has found that a major problem confining older adults to their home isn’t falling itself but fear of falling” – The Health Report.