Stem Cell Recruitment

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy for Pain

A product of advances in regenerative medicine, stem cell recruitment procedures have been utilized in many areas all across the globe for years now. Stem cells are naturally occurring cells that are widely used to heal and reverse a variety of medical issues.

Some of the most common conditions addressed via stem cell recruitment and stem cell therapy are joint, ligament, tendon, and muscle damage and pain. Now the game-changing medical care option known as stem cell recruitment is available here in the United States at select clinics such as the Pain Relief Institute. But what exactly is stem cell recruitment and how can stem cell therapy for pain help you treat your joints, muscles, and tendons?

Stem cell recruitment involves the injection of mesenchymal stem cells growth factors, a key component in the repair and regeneration process into targeted problem areas in order to repair and replace dead cells, damaged cellular structures, and damaged tissue, in virtually any area of the body.

Can Stem Cell Recruitment Be Used On Joints and Knees?

Mesenchymal stem cell therapy is now being used for joint damage treatments for knees, hips, and shoulders among many others. Stem cell therapy for knees, and other forms of stem cell injection are minimally invasive outpatient procedures that require no recovery time. Healthy stem cells from the patient’s body are recruited, and amniotic fluid is injected from non-morally challenging sources.

Typically, patients are back to their normal activities in as little as twenty-four hours. Stem cell recruitment is done using a combination of human amnion/chorion membrane and other naturally occurring cellular structures that contain mesenchymal stem cells, multiple extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors, cytokines, and other specialty proteins. These are all very helpful for healing damaged joint and bone tissue safely and effectively.

The Pain Relief Institute offers stem cell recruitment therapy via PalinGen® and PalinFlo®.

Stem Cell Recruitment, PalinGen®, and PalinFlo®

PalinGen®and PalinFlo® are products of advanced regenerative medicine. Made up of amniotic fluid components, they provide an abundance of cytokines, nutrients, and growth factors and anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative properties. Donors are extensively screened to make sure they’re healthy, and there’s no risk of rejection because the chorion that has been known to trigger an antigen response is removed during processing.

What Orthopedic Conditions Can Stem Cell Recruitment Help?

Acute or chronic orthopedic pain can be a major inconvenience.
It can interfere with your mobility and reduce the amount of time you can spend standing, walking, moving, or just enjoying life.

  • Arthritic Joints
  • Cartilage reduction to the knee joint
  • Rotator cuff tears and sprains
  • Injuries caused by dislocations
  • ACL or MCL tears due to injury
  • Meniscal tears and strains
  • Other degenerative conditions
  • Chronic joint pain
  • Sports related injuries

The most common treatments for these used to be invasive surgery and joint replacements.

With surgery, you can spend months dealing with expensive and extensive rehabilitation before your body is able to regain mobility, strength, and to feel significant pain reduction. In many cases, it was found that the underlying cause of the pain was not fully addressed and other problems would likely arise down the road. The replacement surgery best case scenario was often months of painful recovery and possible reoccurring pain years down the road.

Evidence suggests that surgery can have a lot of risks and possible complications involved.  Knee replacement used to be the last resort option due to the high risk of failure and potentially devastating side effects. However, knee replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures done to relieve knee pain today.

The same is true for many other orthopedic issues, with patients opting for surgery over less invasive—and potentially more successful—options such as stem cell recruitment and therapy.

Unfortunately, because the power of stem cells and the availability of stem cell recruitment therapy is not widely known among the general population, hundreds of thousands of patients continue to choose invasive surgery without ever knowing there is a better, safer, natural option available.

Don’t put up with pain that impairs your mobility and reduces the amount of time you can spend standing, walking, moving, or just enjoying life.

Stem Cell Recruitment As An Alternative To Surgery

You should always explore your options before deciding on any form of surgery. Stem cell recruitment has shown to be an effective alternative, and it has the added benefit of not excluding surgery as a future option if needed.

This is why we at the Pain Relief Institute are taking steps to help educate the general public about the powers of stem cells. We strive to ensure more people know that stem cell recruitment is a successful and viable alternative to traditional surgery for dealing with joint pain!

For instance, let’s say you undergo a stem cell recruitment procedure and are one of the very rare patients for whom stem cell injection is not effective. In this rare case, surgery is still an option and you are in no way disqualified from being able to have surgery if stem cell recruitment doesn’t offer the relief you need! The reverse is not always true.

Stem Cell Recruitment Helps You Avoid Knee, Shoulder, or Hip Replacement

Along with being a viable alternative to surgery, stem cell recruitment can help you avoid the pain and long recovery of knee, shoulder or hip replacement surgery.

In 2017 there were a reported 860,000 knee and hip replacements in the U.S.(

Additionally there are around 54,000 shoulder replacements each year. This includes replacements due to injury, chronic arthritis, and wear and tear. Many of these individuals likely would have avoided the surgery with the use of stem cells as part of the treatment process, particularly when their conditions were addressed early on.

With stem cell recruitment, you will not have to deal with the long, painful recovery process that is associated with surgery.

The bottom line is that stem cell recruitment is a quick and effective method that may allow you to completely avoid knee, shoulder, or hip replacement surgery.

Stem Cell Recruitment Procedures Help Restore Cartilage

Sometimes, when you are experiencing problems with your knee, hip, or shoulder or you are experiencing joint pain, you may be told that there is no cartilage left in the joint.

In most cases, however, the condition has not progressed to the point that the joint is rubbing bone on bone, which is actually more accurately described as severely reduced joint space and cartilage.

Generally, there are still areas of cartilage that can respond positively to the cellular regeneration offered with stem cell recruitment procedures. The Pain Relief Institute has helped thousands of patients with severe joint pain get relief and help them return to normal life.

The Risks of Painful Surgery

Not only will stem cell therapy for pain and regenerative medicine help you avoid a long painful recovery, you can also avoid the risks that are commonly associated with invasive surgery: general anesthesia issues, infections, blood clots, serve bleeding, nerve injury, and/or death. Stem cell recruitment patients very often return to activity the same day or the next day. Unlike invasive surgery, there is no recovery time. With stem cell recruitment, you have the procedure done and go home the same day.

To highlight the difficulties associated with surgery, here are a few facts that are often overlooked:

Your risk of heart attack increases after surgery.

Knee and hip replacements add metal ions to your blood.

Some patients experience an allergic reaction to the replacement.

Continued chronic pain can still occur even after the surgery.

There are alternatives to surgery and replacements.

For many surgeries, the success rate is 50% or less.

Are you a candidate for stem cell recruitment?

Stem cell recruitment has a very high success rate comparatively and most patients feel results relatively quick after the single treatment session.

There are many people suffering from debilitating orthopedic pain conditions—people who end up suffering through life for no reason. Unfortunately, most are not aware that there are alternative options that can bring them relief and restore their quality of life all without the nasty side effects of surgery.

Stem cell recruitment can be the solution to your pain, and the key to your happiness and freedom. The first step is contacting one of our experienced team members here at the Pain Relief Institute who specialize in regenerative medicine and stem cell applications.

The Stem Cell Recruitment Procedure

After taking a complete medical history, exam and medication review our team will determine if the patient is a good candidate for the procedure. They will review all conservation options available including stem cell recruitment. Upon completion of all required steps our team will complete the pre-authorization with the insurance company and then will schedule the procedure.

The day of the procedure and for 10 days thereafter, the patient cannot take any NSAIDS (Tylenol is okay to take). Using fluoroscopy (guided digital motion imaging), our medical team will inject the Stem Cell Recruitment Biologic precisely in the right spot to assure maximum efficacy. Our team will follow up with the patient that evening and the following day. There is a follow up appointment after 3 and 6 weeks to monitor the patient’s progress.

So call now and make your appointment with one of our stem cell recruitment experts and see what these natural powerhouse cells can do for you and your joints!