PalinGen® Amniotic Fluid Injections for Pain Relief

At the Pain Relief Institute, we take pride in offering our patients a comprehensive array of conservative pain management treatments and therapies. One of the most widely useful has proved to be PalinGen® (along with its sister product Inovoflo.) Whether you need back pain relief, neck pain relief, or an effective way to deal with some other form of pain, this product of cutting-edge regenerative medicine may hold the answer for you.

PalinGen® and Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is medicine that focuses on creating living, healthy tissue to repair or replace damaged tissue. As such, it offers the possibility of reversing damage previously thought irreversible. PalinGen® is allograft tissue. That means it comes from amniotic membrane and fluid. After comprehensive medical and social histories are obtained and detailed risk assessments are performed, healthy mothers donate placental tissue at the time of scheduled Caesarian sections,

The amniotic tissue is minimally manipulated, meaning nothing is added. For this reason, the FDA has approved it for homologous use. In other words, the tissue performs the same basic function in both the donor and the recipient, as is the case with PalinGen®. It supplements tissue for protection, cushioning, and lubrication.

PalinGen® confers therapeutic benefits because allograft tissue is rich in growth factors, cytokines, collagen, fibrinogen, hyaluronic acid, messenger RNA, and Mesenchymal stem cells, all of which aid in the growth of healthy new tissue. They protect a developing fetus, regulate many physiologic functions, and contribute to cell proliferation, cell migration, and cell growth. Because amniotic tissue is multipotent, it can promote the development of many different kinds of cells and also possesses anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

When used for wound care, amniotic tissue fights inflammation and promotes re-epithelialization. It provides a new basement membrane to aid in the migration to epithelial cells, strengthen adhesion of basal epithelial cells, promote epithelial differentiation, and fight epithelial breakdown. It also inhibits fibroblast proliferation to prevent fibrosis.

Although regenerative medicine is discovering exciting new uses for allograft tissue, doctors have been using it safely and effectively in various treatments for a hundred years. Today PalinGen® has achieved success in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, ACL and MCL tears, epicondylitis, tendonitis of the biceps and triceps, tendinosis, post-operative pain following spinal and orthopedic surgeries, facet osteoarthritis, and acromioclavicular joint inflammation.


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How Does PalinGen® Compare with Other Forms of Treatment?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma centrifuged to separate the buffy coat containing the PRP. PRP is used to treat the same sort of issues as autologous tissue, particularly in sports medicine, orthopedics, and pain management, but may well prove less effective than PalinGen® because the number of healthy stem cells present is limited by the age of the donor, mechanical degradation in the centrifuge, and the donor’s medical history.

Bone marrow derived products come from recently deceased donors. Both the age of the donor and the time that has elapsed between death and collection can negatively impact the health of the allograft. Coming from amniotic tissue as it does, PalinGen® has neither of these problems.

Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory. There are no controlled studies on its use, but we do know it has over a hundred potential side effects. Among these are tendon rupture, muscle and tissue atrophy, and increased glucose levels. Because of these issues, it has the drawback that it’s limited to three injections in any one anatomic area. This is in marked contract to PalinGen®, a potent anti-inflammatory and regenerative cell based therapy that can be used as often as required with no maximum dose.


You might conceivably be leery of PalinGen® because you’ve heard of Infuse, a superficially similar product that could cause bone to grow where it didn’t belong. With PalinGen®, this problem doesn’t exist because the cells it contains are self-signaling. That means they will grow the right kind of tissue in a particular spot, for example, bone where (and only where) it should be and blood vessels where they should be.

By the same token, there’s no possibility of rejection. That’s because the chorion that has been found to cause rejection is removed from the allograft tissue at the time of processing. If you’re suffering from chronic pain, please know that it doesn’t have to be that way. Contact the Pain Relief Institute for a consultation and find out if PalinGen® (or one of our other therapies) is right for you.